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Knit-free Knitted Leg Warmers


I’m not sure exactly how unfashionable leg warmers are right now, but if they suited you when they were in, they suit you now, if they look bad now, a change in fashions is not going to help!

I find that leg warmers flatter my chubby, muscly legs, hide waxing spots and make skirts viable in a greater variety of temperatures. They also go brilliantly with a newspaper boy cap, of which I have about ten.

These are amazingly simple to make, you only need whip stitch (the stitch you use to repair damaged socks, stockings and dog toys), which anyone can do. If you haven’t done it before, do a quick image search, then try to keep it small, neat and slow.

You will need:
– A scarf wide enough to encircle your calf and at least twice as long as your shin. Department stores sell everything from cashmere to acrylic and second hand shops are likely to have all sorts of interesting things. One with a chunky cable pattern works well, especially if it’s a subtle colour.
– Some cotton thread in a suitable colour, or you could use a chunky yarn for visible feature stitching
– A needle that fits your thread
– Sharp scissors
– Elastic
– Decorations such as ribbon, buttons, pom-poms, grub roses, etc.


These are my decorations. I also decided to leave a small split at the ankle.



P.S. Taking a spaniel-free photo in our house is impossible, these are the only ones in which the dogs were not DIRECTLY between the subject and the camera.