A lovely little recipe to add to the collection.

Spices and Spatulas

Earl Gray Madeleines

I love baking with tea, particularly that of the Earl Gray variety. Tea adds a level of complexity that just can’t be achieved with mere spices alone. As for madeleines, this was my first success with the cookie/little cake. I’d made them several times before with one recipe and had mediocre results: while they looked absolutely beautiful, they tasted only alright fresh from the oven, and once cooled they became tough and just plain weird. Such a bummer. Anyway, this time I used a different recipe (thanks Emily!) and they honestly came out incredibly. They did get very dark in the oven, but that didn’t effect the flavor or texture at all. Very exciting stuff, guys. Really. I did only make one batch though, so for all I know it was a fluke. Guess I’ll have to try it a few more times before I…

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