Rag curls – what sorcery is this?


This is the author’s hair after a day turning soil for a new lawn. How did this miracle occur? Somewhat unexpectedly.

In an attempt to acquire pretty curls without frying, baking, ironing, mousse or anything else kitchen related (yes, we iron in the kitchen, we have a tiny house!), I decided to try rag curls for the first time in ten years.

It turns out they still have some value in a world full of hot blowy turny sparkly magic curly gimmicks. The curls I made with rags lasted all day through plenty of heat, moisture and even smoke (Melbourne was covered in smoke today, I don’t watch the news but due to the lack of screaming and carnage, I’m guessing everything’s fine). I’ve brushed them three times and restyled them twice (from the way the come out, to pigtails back to sensible non anime-porn so I could go to the shops) and they’re still springy. They also feel nice, because they have no products in them.

The method is very simple: take a small section of damp hair and a long thin cotton rag (or one third of a strong paper towel).

Roll the hair around the rag, rolling in and under, not out and over.

When you get to the top, tie the rag ends together over the top of the hair.

Cover with a scarf, sleep, remove rags, be fabulous, make faces.


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