Little Luxuries For All


If you’re reading this, you can afford a few luxuries (the internet, a screen, literacy, basic optometry), but if you ‘re like most of us, you ignore those so you can get on with the really important stuff: stressing over all the money you lack and the job you hate that you have to do to pay for the car that gets you to the job that exhausts you and the house that you sleep in for six hours before doing it all again.

Stop. Hammer time.

Actually this time is in no way hammer related, but I now have voice to text software and it doesn’t like the backspace concept. Who knew I said such crap? Well, obviously everyone I know, but not me. I also seem to speak in paragraph long sentences, I’m not sure how I breathe.

Anyway this is not another post about being thankful for what you have by worshipping the moon goddess, this is a post about ENJOYING what you have. Mostly by using it to buy better stuff.

A cup of just acceptable tea (Lipton, in this particular calculation) is worth about five cents in actual tea. Snazzy supermarket tea is about ten cents a cup (say, Twinings). I’ve never found tea, from anywhere in the world, more than triple that price (I’m sure it exists and it’s made from wild ocelot poo blended on human skin matts by Russian virgins in provincial France), so you could have the world’s best tea for easily under a dollar a cup. Imagine how much swanky posh tea you could have for the price of one pair of Bonds trackies.

The same principle applies to coffee, sweets, chocolate and all manner of other small gastronomic pleasures.

Melbourne has several boutique chocolatiers, each charging around $100/kg. That sounds like a lot, because it is, but no one should ever need a kilo of chocolate, that’s also a lot. 50g of excellent chocolate and some carefully chosen tea or coffee provides a really luxurious little treat for about six dollars, six-fifty if you splurge and buy organic un-homogenised milk, which I, the elitist bitch I am, highly recommend.

P.S. When I found the picture I put above, I couldn’t actually explain due to fits of giggling, I just handed it to my husband saying ‘physics!’ between delicate, flattering snorts of poorly concealed laughter.



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