Economical Art


Most people have a favorite artist and would love to have house a few of their works around. Sadly an original Dali is worth more than most cars and few of us have the insurance, climate control or security, let alone the spare cash, to indulge such fantasies. Many of us end up with this instead:

Because a piece of two dollar shop wall art can make a home brighter and more individual without an enormous financial outlay.
I’ve seen homes that far better suit their owners, simply using a little more planning.
Modern minimalist houses can get away with a lot when it comes to cheap art. A plain red square looks like a plain red square regardless of where you buy it. If you have a minimalist concept in mind, buy some large canvasses and a few tubes of primary colored paint. It will be cheaper than buying tacky ikea wall art and far more personal.
If you’re interested in some form of visual art (anything from sculpture to origami to photography), you could make a project of filling your home with that. This is my origami shelf in progress:
But the real point of this particular rant is prints. A good quality print costs less than a good frame. The aesthetic affect of a really good print is identical to that of an original, they don’t need any special care and require very little financial outlay.
At that price, you can get away with having an artist, a style or an era for each room. Our kitchen is Art Nouveau, mostly Erte and Mucha, these are some favorites:
The office is full of violent starving nudes I painted years ago. The lounge room is mostly Norman Lindsay. The bedroom if the next project, a Dali and Munch concept with things like this:
Theatre_19 dali
The Bathroom, my final project, will be Victorian to Edwardian photographs of pornographic, fetish and other taboo activities (I have quite a collection, I’m gathering evidence supporting a whole boom of ranting on the subject).
So own your favorite works of art and enjoy them every day, in a form you can afford.

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